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Crimping tool seri TU-301C brand TNI-U [RG-58]

Cables supported by different models of TNI-U crimping tools


Rg58 Crimping Tool

Just bought TNI-U TU-230PA crimping tool for my RF-related project to crimp RP-SMA and other types of connectors to RG316 cable. As on the seller's site there were no description of supported cable types, I decided to try a fortune and failed: this particular model has no suitable crimps for RG316. As manufacturer's site is crap with no valuable info, I publish the scan of tool's package (hopefully) to help anybody who is going to buy the tool.


Crimper model and supported cables:

TU-301C: RG6, RG59, RG62, RG140, RG210, BELDEN 8279, RG55, RG58, RG141, RG142, RG223, RG303, RG400, FIBER OPTIC


website pembuat: 


produk terkait n-male connector:

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