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Equalizer HWB4820 lead acid VRLA agm 48v @12V rated curent charger 20A

harga tertera untuk 1 pcs
untuk sistem baterai 48v yang terdiri dari 12volt x 4 buah. ((optional bisa dipake 24v/36v) )
untuk sistem offgrid PLTS, Sistem bank baterai UPS
recomendasi maksimal 1000W system baterai 48V

produknya sudah banyak yang pake di negara asalnya. dan ter-registrasi patent.

If more than 2000W, it is recommended to use two parallel units. But you can also use it first.
If the battery pressure difference is not big, you can use one directly, if the battery pressure difference is big, use two parallel

Equalizer HWB4820 lead acid VRLA agm 48v @12V rated curent charger 20A

Model: HWB4820
Housing material: Aviation aluminum
Dimensions: 124 * 68 * 34mm (including mounting holes)

The main function
1, charge balanced, so that the battery pack charging, all the battery voltage is consistent, to avoid over-voltage battery dehydration.
2, discharge equilibrium, the battery discharge, all the same battery voltage, to avoid under-voltage battery undervoltage.
3, thermal runaway warning, battery thermal runaway, the instructions should be added to the water.
Other features
1, old and new batteries mix, without the entire group to replace the battery.
2, battery capacity expansion, to extend the mileage.
3, directly from the 48 battery pack to obtain 12V voltage (you can also get 24,36V, etc., the conditions need to discharge the state).
4, directly with 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V battery charger 48V battery. (Need to change the charging port wiring)

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