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Kategori: DDS , SDR , PLL , HAM Radio

mini FM wireless microphone wireless microphone wireless FM transmitter module adjustable sensitivit

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High sensitivity
fm wireless microphone module
Buttons to adjust the sensitivity and operating frequency
Power failure memory
Module parameters
Size: 37mmx13mmx4mm
Operating Voltage: DC 3V-6V
Operating Current: 30MA
Frequency range: 76.0Mhz-110.0Mhz
Frequency adjustment step: 0.5Mhz
Wireless Modulation: FM Broadcast Standard
Frequency range: 20HZ-20KHZ, mono
SNR: ≥50db
Output Power: 3V = 7dbm, 5V≥14dbm, 6V≥15dbm
RF Output Impedance: 50 ohms
Reference emission distance: about 50-100 meters indoor environment, outdoor environment open land about 100-200 meters
External antenna: Shop Get 1 meter long wire as a transmission antenna, but also external rod antenna or professional transmit antennas will be farther away from

Module Features
Module uses a digital PLL frequency stabilization technology, long-term operating frequency does not drift, unaffected by temperature and environmental impact
Having a high noise floor low SNR (≥51db) and other features, the chip voltage regulator and digital noise reduction technology, low power requirements can be directly powered mobile phone charger
Button to adjust the microphone sensitivity by 1-6 control, whether you're teaching or as a wireless baby monitors can meet
Convenient application module width and the same width on the 5th battery, convenient AA batteries into the box, just to power the module and the antenna can be long-term work
With power and memory function, after the completion of each module will automatically adjust the current operating state of the memory
Operating frequency range is wide support worldwide FM frequency band up to 110MHZ can avoid interference to FM radio stations
User-friendly interactive design: the module has LED indication - When the control buttons LED lights
Restore factory settings: When a user can not remember the operating frequency and the microphone sensitivity when the current module, you can press the function button to complete restore factory settings


Instructions for use:

Module operating voltage range of 3V-6V maximum can not exceed 6V otherwise might burn module, do not have to worry about power supply + and - poles reversed, the module itself has anti-reflux protection diodes. But reversed the power module will not work!

K1 Key Description: frequency + (step 0.5Mhz), press K1 button for 3 seconds, the module automatically revert to 90.0Mhz.

Example: First press the button 3 seconds K1 first module to restore 90.0mhz, each subsequent press K1 button once the frequency automatically + 0.5Mhz (90.5,91.0,91.5,92.0MHZ ... 110.0mhz, 76.0Mhz, 76.5Mhz, 77.0MHZ ...)

Frequency drops from 76.0mhz-110.0mhz, stepwise 0.5mhz rhythm cycle.

K2 Key Description: Level 1-6 sensitivity adjustment cycle press K2 button for 3 seconds, the module automatically revert to the default value of 4.

Grade 1-3 level: Suitable for wireless microphone wireless teaching 4-6 grade Good for: high sensitivity wireless pickup infants and elderly care

LE Light: After the module is powered up, led lights usually is off state, when the operation button when K1 or K2, LE lamp is lit

May be a power indicator led lights according to customer needs to set up, if necessary, you can contact us to modify!

Output external antenna: Get a module 1 meter long wire as a transmission antenna, power supply module when using a lithium battery, straighten the wire. Receiver with 398 Desheng radio, using a test distance: 20-100 meters indoor floors, outdoor environment, about 100-300 meters from the buyer only as a reference to the specific recommendations found. If you use a professional antenna or whip antenna using the distance would certainly be better!

RF output module: output impedance of 50 ohms, to facilitate follow-up to pick the RF power amplifier.

3V power supply output power 7dbm, when 5V power supply output power 14dbm

NOTE: The default time of shipment - operating frequency 90.0Mhz, sensitivity 4

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