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Raspberry Pi Raspberry pi full range hdmi switch vga adapter without external power supply

The adapter built-in chip, not those fake bargains comparable, after rigorous testing, fully in line with the party of the display output raspberry, black often completely eliminate the phenomenon, please rest assured purchase. Without audio.

Some people worry that passive adapter will burn Raspberry Pi diode, it is because they have bought inferior adapter caused our adapter after a long period of testing there has not been any exception, ease of use.

        Incompatible individuals monitor and Raspberry Pi, can not be displayed, modify the config file, the specific method is about the Raspberry Pi out sd card into the computer, and then use Notepad to open the windows to edit, use Notepad to open can not be edited download a vim, you can directly edit.

      Modify the config.txt:

[Hdmi_safe = 1

overscan_left = -30

overscan_right = -30

overscan_top = -30

overscan_bottom = -30

hdmi_group = 2

hdmi_mode = 4

hdmi_drive = 2

config_hdmi_boost = 4]

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