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Kategori: ADC DAC , Voice , ISD

Milivolt Voltage Amplifier Board Small Signal Amplifier Adjustable AD620

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Milivolt Voltage Amplifier Board Small Signal Amplifier Adjustable

Type: DC Microvolt/ Milivolt Voltage Amplifier Board

Compatible Brand: Universal
Power Supply: 13-24V Input
Signal Input voltage: 100uV - 300 mV
Output voltage: + 7.5V
Magnification: 1~10000 times (suggest within 1000 times)


Precision, bottom disorders, DC micro- volts, millivolts voltage amplifier , small signal can be used to direct amplification, micro -volt , millivolt voltage amplification . ( Using modules , you need to have some basic electronic , without foundation customer, please buy with caution , module once sold shall not be returned . If you can not fit, please do not buy , We provide technical support. )
Advantages of this product :
1 : Wide Input Range This product AD620 zoom , you can zoom microvolts mV , more accurate than the market LM358 amplification , better linearity .
2 : magnification using potentiometer amplify the input signal , magnification up to 10,000 times , only can be adjusted via a potentiometer .
3 : Wide power supply range 7-24V DC power supply can be entered


1: Performance:
 Wide supply voltage range: 7-24V input
 Ultra-low input offset voltage: 50μV maximum.
 Ultra Low Input Bias Current: 1.0nA (maximum).

 CMRR: 100dB
 Ultra-low input offset voltage drift: 0.6μV / ℃ (maximum).
 Ultra-stable, time: 2μV / month maximum

2: Wiring:
Positive power supply voltage according to the input power to select the input voltage positive
  1) 24V supply voltage is connected to the port 13-24V time, then + E sensor output voltage of 12V power supply is available;
  2) When the supply voltage of 7-13V when connected to + E.

GND power supply negative
+ S signal input terminal
-S Negative signal input terminal (can be accessed GND)

OUT signal output
-E A -5V output voltage (sensor power supply available)

Note: input, output, power input, three signals must be common ground.
3: Magnification:
1 --- 10,000 times (theoretical value) multiple smaller, the larger the bandwidth,

Signal Input voltage: 100uV - 300 mV
4: Output voltage: + 7.5V
5: Magnification adjustment: via potentiometer board of adjustment.
6: Zero + S and -S short, adjust the zero potentiometer allows the output to 0V. To improve module accuracy


modul sejenis.

menggunakan AD620 http://indo-ware.com/produk-3868-milivolt-voltage-amplifier-board-small-signal-amplifier-adjustable-ad620.html

Instrument menggunakan OP07 http://indo-ware.com/produk-3892-instrument-precision-amplifier-mv-mv-differential-amplifier-voltage-amplifier-module-sensor-amplifie.html







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