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USB Interface Mach3 Motion Control Card RnRMotion

Versatile USB Interface Mach3 Motion Control Card


you tube detail produk review:

mach3 usb cnc https://youtu.be/lJgyis57a2Y

mach3 usb cnc https://youtu.be/FgkSmgSJhlE


detail produk:



Designed for notebook and tablet computers,
free drive! Simple configuration compatibility! Mach3 can run as long as this card can run! ! !
Perfect alternative Weihong system!
Red diamond free shipping! Buy now Free Shipping!
Low-profit commodity, declined to bargain. Hope a lot of understanding!
Ample supply, and if the treasurer is not online, please directly photographed like.
Under normal circumstances, the same day shipping;
if not catch the express courier company received the next day delivery.
Default hair through.

This product is for the majority of DIY enthusiasts to provide a cost-effective motion control board Mach3.
Quality and cheap. Pricing, refused to profits; on the quality, the pursuit of perfection.
This board only palm-size. However, the saying goes: "small but perfectly formed."
We have this motion control card, which some have (such as knives friends, limit it, homing friends, PWM speed it ,,,
use with the relay expansion card, even to achieve 0 ~ 10V Frequency Control output expansion board that you need to beat),
should not have there (to support the drive shaft and the driven shaft, support gantry automatic leveling;
Usually this feature is used in a larger size on CNC laser cutting machine or a big point of the gantry structure) .
Anyway spend irrelevant, I bought in there, and later use them conveniently.
This card provides four-axis drive; the output pulse frequency 100K. At this rate, the stepper motor, rather than sufficient.
Because the stepper motor hurry, it's hidden beneath the steps, but also greatly reduce the output torque, not for the majority of engraving machine users.
Of course, you will stubbornly believe that the quality of expensive things to do.
Cheap stuff certainly is fake, defective, then I have to say: Please go out and turn right ,,,
This "high-end" controller card is your Best Choise.
For DC spindle carving machine, it is recommended to use the control card;
For AC spindle engraving machine,
recommended another shop super energy-USB control card,
on-board inverter is 0 ~ 10V output interface.
Use AC spindle plus converter users can purchase:

The control panel is dedicated to supporting the use of Mach3 software (Mach3 can support all versions include support for the latest version),
Mach2 NA, usbcnc not applicable, to develop their own software, probably not suitable.
The control panel for the USB drive-free design, therefore good compatibility.
Supports winxp system, win7 system (32bits or 64bits), win8 (win8.1) system.
The card supporting the relay output boards:

The versatile USB interface Mach3 motion control card dedicated to Mach3 software. Its functions and features are as follows
n supports up to 4-axis control. Where the 4th axis can be set to a driven shaft
n output pulse 100K, with a minimum error interpolation algorithm, high precision
n USB interface for anyone with USB interface, netbooks, notebooks, desktops and tablet PC compatible computer, etc.
n free driver design for better compatibility with various hardware and software environments
n supports automatic zeroing
n the driven shaft in zeroing automatic leveling
n support automatic tool
n Support Emergency input
n support limit switch access
n support spindle control (PWM mode and relay mode)
n provides four digital signal input with optocoupler isolation
n offers up to 12 digital signal input
n provides four relay outputs with optocoupler isolation
n Support handwheel interfaces
n anti-jamming design, high import industrial grade components assembly, reliability




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