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TB6560 42 57 stepper motor driver 3A 16 segments axis stepper motor driver

M335 type splitter-type two-phase hybrid stepper motor drives, DC 12 ~ 24V power supply suitable for driving voltage 12V ~ two-phase hybrid stepper motor 24V, 3A current is less than the outer diameter of 42 to 57 millimeters. This drive uses a unique control current loop subdivision control, the motor torque ripple is very small, low-speed running very smoothly, almost no vibration and noise. High speed torque also significantly higher than the other two-phase drive, high positioning accuracy. Widely used in engraving machine, CNC machine tools, packaging machinery and other high resolution requirements on the device.
Main features
1 can drive any of the following 4,6,8 line 3A-phase current two-phase, four-phase stepper motor.
2 Single power supply, power supply voltage 12-24VDC, recommend the use of switching power supply.
3 optically isolated signal input / output over-voltage, short circuit protection.
4 Motor noise optimization capabilities, excellent stability.
5 Flexible output current set, the 8-speed semi-automatic segmentation and flow / full flow selection, output peak current 8 files optional.
6 has an offline command input terminals.
7 stepping pulse stops over 100ms, automatic semi-flow / full flow selectable.
8 high startup, high-speed torque.
For a variety of small and medium sized automation equipment and instruments, such as: engraving machine, marking machine, cutting machine, laser typesetting, graphics
Instrument, machine tools, automatic assembly equipment. Users expect a small noise, high-speed device applications excellent special effects


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