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Kategori: Programmer Atmel S51 AVR

High Voltage AVR programmer AVR STK500

High Voltage AVR programmer AVR STK500

harga termasuk 10 pin cable isp, dan usb cabel


usb to serial PL2303HX

stk500 compatible parallel programming,

ISP programming,


The programmer for the optimization design of software and hardware of embedded system by senior engineer, the overall layout is concise and easy, SMD components using welding machine, stable and reliable performance, the 4 functions into one, a very high cost, is the AVR chip development engineer preferred and beloved.
The programmer in AVR Studio V4; V5; use V6.2 latest version, is also available in ICC and CVAVR integrated development environment using ISP mode directly on the welding on the target board microcontroller simple and fast programming. The same device programmer support with the official stk500, supports almost all AVR Series MCU programming.
Direct chip programming programmer on the two locking block support the most commonly used Atmega16 series and Atmega8 series, if encountered other programming signal pin and the two series is not compatible with the chip, the signals can be connected to the corresponding pins of chip of high-voltage programming operation through the programming signal lead out end.
2.3, through the high voltage parallel mode the following diagram of the ATmega16 programming
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