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Kategori: DDS , SDR , PLL , HAM Radio

100KHz-1.7GHz VHF UHF band RTL SDR + UpConverter SDR receiver AM NFM FM DSB CW

The whole set includes:
1. Testing Telescopic antenna x 1 pcs
2. Main unit x 1 pcs
3. USB cable x 1 pcs

Note: The testing antenna:
- can be used to test signals receiving from VHF/UHF bands
- The receiving signal strength which received from VHF/UHF is not the best. It can be used to receive the nearby signals (eg. FM broadcasting radio or other Hand-held radios). To achieve the best effect, you need to connect associated antennas
- Cannot be used to receive HF signal band.
- To achieve the best effect, you need to connect associated HF antennas such as Long Wire , Random Wire, Dipole etc.

• Fully assembled and ready to use
• Uses RTL2832U+R820T chip set
• 100KHz to 1766MHz, operating frequency
• Covers all HF amateur bands
• Covers VHF & UHF bands from 24-1766MHz
• Up to 3.2 M Sample rate. (~2.8 MHz stable)
• Receiver modes AM, NFM, FM, DSB, USB, LSB and CW
• Note: depends upon the SDR software used with the receiver
• 8-bit ADC giving ~50 dB dynamic range
• 50 Ohm input impedance
• Double SMA golden antenna connectors
• Diode protection on RF input
• Aluminum panels
• LED power and band indication
• (40MHz local oscillator for HF conversion)>>> LO saat ini diganti 100mhz oleh produsen.... Bukan 40mhz
• DBM balance ring mixer
• Small size board
• Free software
• Independent antenna inputs for Shortwave and VHF
• USB computer connection ( mini usb) Powered by common USB
• Very High dynamic range receiver
• SPDT High Power UltraCMOS™ RF Switch
• Accurate and efficient band filters
• Very clean audio reception
• All specifications subject to change without notice

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