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Kategori: ADC DAC , Voice , ISD

ISD4004 Speech Module Voice Module Development Kit

ISD4004 Speech module Recording module Speech development suite NewWay Third version

REC-1000 is the Third recording module developed by NewWay Electronic , this version is distinctly improved in the acoustic fidelity relative to the first and second version .

built-in microcontroller serial communication interface
● 3V single-supply operation, low power consumption
● Multi-information processing
● Working current 25-30mA, to maintain current 1μA
● Information is not power to save 100 years (typical)
● high-quality, natural voice reduction technology
● 10 million times the recording period (typical)
● automatic squelch
● Free adjustment of the clock chip, the external clock can be selected

REC-1000 Specifications:
Input voltage: 3.3V-5.5V
Recording time: (8 minutes)

Dimensions: Width: 60mm length 80mm



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