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RFID RC522 RFID-RC522 Funduino

RFID RC522 RFID-RC522 Funduino

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RC522 chip [Introduction]

MF RC522 is applied to 13.56MHz contactless communication highly integrated chip card reader, is NXP for the "Three Tables" application launch of a low-voltage, low-cost, small size and non-contact card reader chip, smart instrumentation and portable handheld devices developed better choice. MF RC522 using advanced modulation and demodulation concept completely integrated in all types of 13.56MHz passive contactless communication methods and protocols. Support 14443A compatible transponder signals. The digital part handles ISO14443A framing and error detection. In addition, support fast CRYPTO1 encryption algorithms, terminology validation MIFARE products. MFRC522 supports MIFARE Series higher speed non-contact communication, two-way data transfer rates up to 424kbit / s. As a highly integrated 13.56MHz card reader new family of chips, MF RC522 MF RC500 and MF RC530 and there are many similarities, but also have many features and differences. It is between the host communication using SPI mode, helps to reduce connection, reduce PCB board size and cost.

[Introduction] RFID module

MF522-AN module adopts Philips MFRC522 original reader circuit chip design, easy to use, low cost, suitable for equipment development, development of advanced applications such reader users, the need for RF card terminal design / production of the user. This module can be loaded directly into a variety of readers molds. Module uses voltage of 3.3V, through the SPI interface simple few lines can be directly connected to the user any CPU board communication module can guarantee stable and reliable work, reader distance;

Electrical parameters [Introduction]

Current :13-26mA / DC 3.3V

Idle Current :10-13mA / DC 3.3V

Sleep current: <80uA

Peak current: <30mA

Operating Frequency: 13.56MHz

Supported card types: mifare1 S50, mifare1 S70, mifare UltraLight, mifare Pro, mifare Desfire

Product Physical Characteristics: Dimensions: 40mm  60mm

Environmental Operating temperature: -20-80 degrees Celsius

Environment Storage temperature: -40-85 degrees Celsius

Relative Humidity: 5% -95%

[Module Interface SPI Parameters

Data Transfer Rate: Max. 10Mbit / s



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