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Kategori: DDS , SDR , PLL , HAM Radio

air band aircraft band receiver High sensitivity radio Diy kit

Air band receiver,High sensitivity aviation radio Diy kit  


 Kit welding requires some electronic technology, please bring a multimeter and a soldering iron and other tools, manuals, etc. Our guide explained to prevail. Kit manual will be placed on the network for all to download.

Dedicated to receiving calls between the aircraft and the tower, with the good performance of the antenna (VHF Yagi paragraph), open at the maximum acceptable within approximately 190Km between the various types of aircraft and the tower calls, like friends please pay attention.

Has the following characteristics:

1, the package uses a band-pass filter, 3355 high-level, NE602 mixer, MC1350 programs in place, can receive 118-136MHz AM signal.

2, printed directly on the PCB trace inductance, greatly simplifying the assembly of difficulty, right after welding, the only devices that need to be adjusted in the week.

3, the board has to listen to the AGC circuit to ensure comfort, while avoiding the long squelch noise.

4,12 V power supply, PCB board size is 9.2 * 7.5cm, can be placed in 97 * 40 * 120mm aluminum chassis to use.

Tip: Due to the VHF bands have similar propagation ---- rectilinear propagation of light, but the receiving location accessible from the airport, distance (greater than 25Km's) must be installed VHF Yagi antenna contour segment gain antenna; receiving location between the airport large obstructions (including but not limited to tall buildings, mountains, towers) is always around the obstacle, thank you!

Kit Instructions

This package is not soldered good, delivery is scattered all electronic components, shop display of the finished picture, purchase only reference.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What issues should pay attention to?
A: VHF has been close to a straight line, so the VHF communications can not be blocked, listen to the signal tower more necessary attention to this point, listen to the aircraft entry and exit signals slightly better, because the aircraft height from the ground close to the airport, there are hundreds to thousands of meters high, so the signal can cover long distances. Meanwhile, in order to better results, we recommend using an external frame, high antennas, such as 1/4 wavelength (about 60 cm) of GP antenna or use a better VHF Yagi antenna section! In short, according to the actual environment, appropriate tie antenna, in order to achieve good results!

Q: What kind of antenna to use?
A: For the primary enthusiasts recommend using GP antenna or Yagi antenna, the two antennas is relatively simple, very suitable for self-control. The figure is an antenna GP, GP antenna is a planar antenna ground short, the antenna and the antenna is called Vertical ground network, is a common vertically polarized omni-directional antenna. It consists of a vertical radiator and the 3-4 root horizontally extending oscillator components. GP antenna structure is simple, easy to set up, no rotator, usually used as a fixed radio antenna, making simple.

Below Yagi antenna, with good directivity and high gain, conditionally recommended to do this.

Metal beams with end-fire direction perpendicular to the polarization direction of the electric field, so the antenna radiation does not produce a significant effect, the insulator may be used! ? is the wavelength in the figure, were calculated director, the main reflector and the transducer length and a, b, c, d spacing after assembly.

This product is bulk, and install it by ourselves


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