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ESR-2501A ESR DCR IN-Circuit Inductance Resistance Meter in circuit

ESR-2501A Capacitance Capacitor ESR DCR IN-Circuit Inductance Resistance Meter in circuit

Range: 0.00 - 25 ?
Capacitance range: >0.47uf

Accuracy: ± 1% + 1 digit
Frequency: 100 KHz
Test signal: Square pulse
Protection: 400V DC
Power drain: 80mw (Auto power off about 5 minutes)
Battery: LiFePO4 3.2v (NOT INCLUDE/ tidak termasuk penjualan)
Dimensions: 125x80x32 (mm)
Weight: 0.12kg

1 Cute off the circuit board power before measurements
2 Although there are 400V voltage protection, but for the personal and equipment safety issues, please discharge the capacitor
3 If the vale shows on the ESR Meter doesn?t go to zero, and the value still relatively large, please check whether the two groups of lines and clip are well connected.
4 The original testing uses tweezers, now using the rear socket. Before the operation wait until the ESR Meter turns to zero. When use tweezers, if the digital beating relatively serious, please grind the tweezers.

Package :
In-circuit ESR Meter x1
Test leads x1
usb charger / usb power suply x1



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