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Kategori: PCB , Project Board

PCB SARK100 Antena Analiser 1 - 60 Mhz

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SARK100 ANT SWR Antenna Analyzer Meter Digital For Ham Radio


This is a SWR Analyzer for ham hobbists.
User manual is to be sent by email upon request.
Frequency Generation & Control: 1 - 60 Mhz
Source impedance: 50 Ohms
Stability: +/- 100 ppm
Spectral Purity: Harmonics down >- TBD dB beyond 60 MHz
Step Size: User configurable increments of 100 Hz, 1 kHz, 10 kHz, and 100 kHz
Usable Measurement Range:SWR: 1.0 to 9.99
Impedance: approx. 5 to 2000 ohms
RF Output: Adjustable: 2.0 Volts pp (typ)
Power supply: Powerd by External: 12 to 15 Volts DC, 500mA
Controls: Pushbuttons (5): "Mode", "Band", "Config", "Scan", "Up", "Down"
Switch: "Power On"
USB: Mini-B receptacle
External power: 2.1mm Power Jack (center pin positive)

Measure antenna electrical parameters: SWR, impedance (resistance +
reactance), capacitance, inductance
Measure feedpoint impedance
Measure ground loss
Adjust antenna tuners and determine loss
Measure inductors and capacitors
Measure coax transmission line (SWR, length, velocity factor, approximate Q
and loss, resonant frequency, and impedance)
Measure and determine optimum settings for tuning stubs: SWR, approximate
Q, resonant frequency, bandwidth, impedance
Determine characteristic impedance of transmission line
Determine length of ? and ? wave phasing lines
Coaxial Cable Loss
Determine antenna tuner loss
Measure balun loss
Measure inductor Q
Estimate quartz crystal parameters
Measure magnetic loop resonance and SWR
Operation button definitions:
Mode: selects operation mode: impedance(default), complex impedance, capacitance, and inducatance
BAND: select band from any of the available bands: 160M to 6M
CONFIG: Provides menu for configurations and extended functions: PC Link, step size setting, suspend timeout setting, calibration, and software upgrade
SCAN: pressing this control initiates a scan of frequencies of the selected BAND. Scan exits to impedance mode showing the 2:1 bandwidth and the resonant point o the antenna
CAN(up): increase frequency and used to cancel operation for CONFIG menu
VAL(down): decrease frequency and used to validate operation for CONFIG menu


link Sumber / Referency: (manual & full datasheet)



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