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Infrared digital obstacle avoidance sensors 3-100cm

Digital signal output, the sensor with the modulation and demodulation processing logic.

How it works: Sensor initiative emit infrared light detection, according to the reflection, if detect an obstacle, the OUT pin output 0, otherwise 1.
Operating voltage: 3.8v-5.5v
Operating current (at 5V): Typical current 6mA
Input and output signals (3 lines):

GND, VCC power supply, the scope of the VCC is 3.8v-5.5v
Board a number of circle precision adjustable potentiometer, according to environmental regulation. Adjustment range from 3cm to 100cm. Because it is the principle of reflection, with reflection targets can be adjusted depending on the circumstances.
When the light-emitting circuit board has a red LED to detect obstacles. OUT output continued low barrier-OUT output voltage level.
Obstacle detection time (the effective detection range from the barrier-free goal to the obstacles or barriers to the obstacles the target disappear): <= 21ms
Sensor active infrared reflection probe, the reflectivity and shape of the target detection range of the key, the black probe the smallest distance, the largest white; a small area of the object distance, the distance of a large area.
The following is the detection range of the actual test:

Detection range (test environment, indoors, when the maximum power voltage of 5v power consumption 6.5ma):
(1) white wall: 100cm
(2) black IBM computer cover: 20cm
(3) fingers: 18cm
(4) the palm of your hand: 30cm
(5) a transparent ballpoint pen: 20cm
A transparent ballpoint pen can be sensitive to detect.

The new version of a very large improvement has been increasingly improved the following features:
1.ultra-miniature, and the design of the mechanical mounting holes.
2.Low power consumption, wide operating voltage range. Transmitted signal with the modulation signal, distance, interference, non-direct sunlight outdoors (distance will be shorter).
3.distance adjustable range from 3cm to 100cm.
4.Obstacle avoidance using a window to avoid the problem of the critical region, the sensor work is very stable, the user directly to the output signal, and do not need to consider the problem of signal beating.
5.cheap, but performance has been fully beyond the market infrared obstacle avoidance sensors.

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