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Digital Thermostat -50~110 Degrees Celsius

Thermostat adopted the advanced microelectronic technology, LED digital display, wade took MCU thermostat advantages and experience both at home and abroad, to meet customer requirements under the premise of providing the best solution, simple and practical, is a high performance to price ratio of coach products, small integrated intelligent control of refrigeration and heating mode optional conversion, delay back to general setting, especially suitable for all kinds of cold storage, refrigeration, heating applications.
Temperature control: - 50 ~ 110°c
Resolution: 9.9 ~ 99.9 when other paragraph 1°c temperature 0.1°c
Temperature measuring accuracy: + / - 1°c
Refresh rate: 1s
Input power: DC12V plus or minus 10%
Measure the input: NTC sensor (10k 0.5%) waterproof type
Output: 1 road relay output, capacity  125v 10A,220V 5A,under 14V 20A
Environmental requirements: - 10 ~ 60°c humidity from 20% to 85%
Size: 75 * 60 mm.
Package included:
  • 1 x Digital Thermostat -50~110°c



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