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Kategori: Programmer Atmel S51 AVR


USBasp - USB programmer for Atmel AVR controllers

  USBasp is a USB in-circuit programmer for Atmel AVR controllers. It simply consists of an ATMega88 or an ATMega8 and a couple of passive components. The programmer uses a firmware-only USB driver, no special USB controller is needed.


  • Works under multiple platforms. Linux, Mac OS X and Windows are tested.
  • No special controllers or smd components are needed.
  • Programming speed is up to 5kBytes/sec.
  • SCK option to support targets with low clock speed (< 1,5MHz).
  • Planned: serial interface to target (e.g. for debugging).


Firmware and circuit

The following packages include circuit and firmware.
usbasp.2011-05-28.tar.gz (519 kB) TPI support (upcoming release of avrdude will use it), supports programmers with ATMega88 and ATMega8.
usbasp.2009-02-28.tar.gz (260 kB)
usbasp.2007-10-23.tar.gz (172 kB)
usbasp.2007-07-23.tar.gz (176 kB)
usbasp.2006-12-29.tar.gz (118 kB) Supports programmers with ATMega48 and ATMega8.
usbasp.2006-09-16.tar.gz (116 kB) New VID/PID!
usbasp.2005-11-14.tar.gz (175 kB)
usbasp.2005-07-03.tar.gz (166 kB)
usbasp.2005-04-21.tar.gz (169 kB)

Please refer to Readme.txt for details on building, installing and using USBasp.


On Linux and MacOS X no kernel driver is needed. Windows requires a driver for USBasp:
usbasp-windriver.2011-05-28.zip (70 kB)









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USBASP http://indo-ware.com/produk-2398-usbasp.html

USBISP http://indo-ware.com/produk-2452-usb-isp--51-avr-mikrokontroller-programmer-downloader-.html


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