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Kategori: Programmer Atmel S51 AVR

AVR JTAG ICE / AVR Emulator Download Out 3.3/5V BSL/U

Introduced the V3 version of AVR simulator, the latest version of the design, we strive to create the most reliable, can the most stable, cost-effective AVR-USB JTAG ICE simulator!

The simulator real use of official original firmware, more stable performance!Precision circuit design, support for AVR single-chip debugging and download, supports both 3.3V and 5V dual voltage output, in support of the MSP430 MCU BSL download, support STC SCM download, support USB to serial port function, support for the latest AVR STUDIO and IAR FOR AVR software version, without any tools, can achieve unlimited upgrade firmware!!

The value of stable AVR-USB emulator properties:

1.The latest version of the design, the real using original firmware, the stability is more reliable, faster, but also added the buffer chip (to prevent improper impulse firmware);

2  with 0.5A recoverable fuse (to prevent short circuit burned out computer motherboard);

3  wide working voltage (2.5VDC-6VDC);

4   support for 3.3V and 5V voltage output;

5   support for BSL function, can give MSP430 SCM download;

6    support for USB to serial port function, can output TTL level;

7   supports all JTAG port AVR chip debugging and download;

8  This simulator can be unlimited  firmware upgrade, upward downward compatible software, support AVR STUDIO 4.12/4.14/4.16/4.17/4.18!!!! 


Package include:

  • 1 x   emulater


USB to Seial use PL2303, link driver:



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