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Inductance/Capacitance LC meter - LC100A

Engaged in electronic development engineers often need to measure inductors and capacitors, however the inductors&Cap meter selling expensive on the market, and there are larger error in measurement of small inductors and small capacitors. This LC100x meter base on LC resonant principle, and adding high-speed precision measurement of micro-controller calculated to measure less than 1uH inductance and less than 1pF capacitors.
LC100x series divided into LC100-S basic module and LC100-A full-featured mode.
LC100-S model has three measurement ranges:
C Stall ... ... ..   capacitance (0.01pF-10uF)
L Stall ... ... .. inductance (0.001uH-100mH)
HL Stall ... ...   large inductance (0.001mH-100H)

The LC100-A type than the LC100-S of the addition of a gear:
HC Stall ... ... large capacitor (1uF-100mF)

Brand new
modle :LC100-A
Size : 81 x 47 x 30 mm ( L*W*H )
Supply power : +5v ,mini USB interface
Measurement accuracy :1%
Capacitance measuring range : 0.01 pF - 10uF
The minimum resolution : 0.01 pF
Big Capacitance measuring range : 1uF-100mF/minimum resolution:0.01UF
Inductance measuring range : 0.001 uH - 100mH
Big inductance measuring range : 0.001 mH - 100H
The minimum resolution : 0.001uH
Test frequency range : L/C about 500KHZ/Big inductance 500HZ
Effective display digits : 4 digits
LCD display mode : 1602

1. 5V Power socket 
2. Mini USB socket 
3. 1602 LCD 
4. Power Switch 
5. Reserve Button 
6. Test side 
7. Read E-Lock Button - Clear Button 
8. White E-Lock Button - Select Large(High) Capacitance 
9. Blue E-Lock Button - Select Large(High) Inductance 
10. Yellow E-Lock Button - Select Inductance or Capacitance 

1. When measuring the frequncy of the inductance or Capacitance, pls press the black button, as the pic shows 
2. Pls reset to zero, before testing a Capacitance or inductance,or it may damage the board . 
3. If the result on the LCD is not stable, it s normal due to the poor quality of L/C.
4. Prohibited capacitor not full discharge to test, or may cause damage to the instrument
5. Hi C stalls measuring capacitor, note Red to polarity and Black to negative.
6. Do not reset "Zero", when there is connecting test components.

Manual cara penggunaan bisa di lihat di link ini (bahasa indonesia):


Pdf Manual:


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