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5MM 940nm IR LED with 20 angle Photodiode

5mm Round Standard T-1 With Flange
Silicon PIN Photodiode


1.Fast response time.
2. High photo sensitivity.
3. Small junction capacitance.
4. The product itself will remain within RoHS compliant Version.


The LL-304PDD2E is a high speed and high sensitive PIN photodiode in a standard φ3
epoxy package. Due to its water clear epoxy the device is sensitive to visible and
infrared radiation.

1.  High speed photo detector.
2. Automatic door sensor.
3. Security system.
4. Game machine.
5. Camera.


untuk led pemancar atau led infrared emitting dioda bisa menggunakan ini:

ukuran 5mm diameter http://indo-ware.com/produk-2744-5mm-infrared-emitting-diode-led-940nm.html

ukuran 3mm diameter http://indo-ware.com/produk-2745-3mm-infrared-emitting-diode-led-940nm.html

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