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LM565 LM565 CN LM565CN


â–  200 ppm/°C frequency stability of the VCO
â–  Power supply range of ±5 to ±12 volts with 100 ppm/% typical

â–  0.2% linearity of demodulated output
â–  Linear triangle wave with in phase zero crossings available
â–  TTL and DTL compatible phase detector input and square
wave output
â–  Adjustable hold in range from ±1% to > ±60%
â–  Data and tape synchronization
â–  Modems
â–  FSK demodulation
â–  FM demodulation
â–  Frequency synthesizer
â–  Tone decoding
â–  Frequency multiplication and division
â–  SCA demodulators
â–  Telemetry receivers
â–  Signal regeneration
â–  Coherent demodulators



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