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Kategori: Arduino Shield

Arduino MEGA2560 MEGA1280 ProtoShield V3 expansion board DIY parts

Arduino MEGA2560 MEGA1280 ProtoShield V3 expansion board DIY parts

Note that this is not a finished product prices of spare parts.

Technical Parameters

Model: Arduino MEGA2560 / 1280 ProtoShield V3
Size: 106 * 56mm
Color: Blue
Material: fiberglass substrate, gold
Features: Independent double-sided pads, vias connections

Product Features

Latest Arduino MEGA ProtoShield V3 prototype expansion board with Immersion Gold PCB processing technology, the motherboard golden small square pad spacing, welding components easier;
SOP28 SMD component package, make more handy Arduino electronics enthusiasts will not be bound by line elements;
This board not only can be seamlessly plugged into the Arduino MEGA controller, directly soldered to the above components, complete a variety of prototype circuit
You can also paste Mini bread board, by 7-color jumper to complete a variety of circuit experiment, board integrated power indicator and status lights, and a reset button, easy to learn Arduino MEGA preferred prototype controller expansion board.

Shipping list

Arduino expansion board double-sided gold-plated PCB board * 1
6P socket * 1 (gold plated)
8P socket * 5 (GILD)
6P Pin * 1 (gold plated)
8P pin * 5 (GILD)
Pin 2 * 3 * 1 (gold plated)
2 * 18 pin * 1 (gold plated)
LED 0805 red * 1
LED 0805 Blue * 1 (or green)
Chip resistor 1K 0805 * 10
Chip Resistor 10K 0805 * 10
Touch of a button * 1


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