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Kategori: Adaptor Switching

upgrade 7805 step down 5V-36V to 5V replace 7805

upgrade 7805 step down 5V-36V to 5V replace 7805

We all know that for 7805 and other linear buck chip, 5W output to increase to reach a large heat sink, if the heat is not good cause burn-through tube breakdown phenomenon chip shop for this phenomenon is the development of this special edition.

        Ultra-small size, up to 36V input voltage, and other chip 7805 TO220 package complete PIN TO PIN can be directly replaced, output potentiometer adjustable, can be perfect for the chip power supply, 5V fans and other low-power occasions!

Electrical parameters:

     Input voltage: 4.5-36V
     Output voltage: 5volt (onboard potentiometer adjustable 5V default shipping)
     Rated output power: 5W
     Rated output current: 1A
     Output ripple: 20mV
     Output short circuit protection: Yes
     Wiring: 2.54 pin, IN input, OUT output, GND common ground

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