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Kategori: Arduino Shield

Arduino Relay Shield V1.3

The Relay Shield is compatible smart module with 4 mechanical relays providing an easy way to control high voltage. The max switching power is 70W DC. It can be directly controlled  through digital IOs with external 9V supply. With the XBee form socket and 315/433MHz RF module interface, the Relay shield can be remotely controlled, making it easy to use in robotics, industry control, smart houses etc.
Note: Take care the pins on the Shield should not be touched with USB connector  UNO when they are connected .  

  • External power supply voltage: 7 ~ 12V (> 200mA)
  • Relay Max Switching Voltage: 240VAC/60VDC
  • Relay Max Switching Current: 5A
  • Contact load: 1A 250VAC, 3A 120VA / 24VDC
  • Number of relays: 4
  • Wireless output interface: (serial) xbee / Bluetooth Bee / Wireless Programming Module
  • Arduino occupied ports: (relay) Digital 2,3,4,5, (wireless module) Digital 0,1

IO controlling 4 on-board relays
D0-D3 4pins could be connected directly with Arduino pin number of 7-4, so that four relays could be easily controlled by the Arduino.

315/433MHz RF control interface
Together with pin of GND and 5V, they are the interface for 315/433MHz RF with encoder module to control the 4 relays remotely.

XBee form Socket for directly control by Xbee
The 4 relays can be directly controlled by the Xbee through the 4 DIO ports of Xbee

Groups of channels for High voltage connection
Terminal 1:
COM1- Common pin
NC1- Normally Closed, in which case NC1 is connected with COM1 when D0 is set low and disconnected when D0 is high;
NO1- Normally Open, in which case NO1 is disconnected with COM1 when D0 is set low and connected when D0 is high.

Terminal 2-4 are similar to terminal 1, except that the control ports are D1-D3.

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