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QRP Pixie CW DIY Kit radio transceiver 7.023 MHZ 40 meter band

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Indra S Ekoputro itu PIXIE 2, 100% transceiver. Pada waktu Key tidak ditekan, Q2 berfungsi sebagai mixer RX umtuk DC receiver. Pada waktu Key ditekan Q2 berfungsi sebagai prnguat klas C dari LO di belakangnya, dan diode D2 akan mematikan LM386.
Agar tone bisa kedengar
an, maka LO receive & transmitt harus beda sekitar 500-700Hz.
Bagus digunakan untuk CW practice. Jika antenna memadai, bisa digunakan untuk komunikasi < 500km, tergantungband yang digunakan. RF out transmitter sekitar 100mW.



QRP Pixie CW DIY Kit Shortwave HAM Radio Transmitter Receiver 7.023MHz 40M


In the field of amateur radio, usually no more than 5W is known as a low-power communications, or QRP QRP communication is an important branch of amateur radio.
Many QRP communication enthusiasts keen on homemade QRP equipment.
Classic kit, hope you like.
This kit welding of electronic technology basis, will recognize device, welding, induction machine without debugging, as long as careful as
Sleeve assembly can be successful.
The default delivery suite for parts.
Brief introduction
This suite is the classic "PIXIE" ("leather") low power transceiver. This is simply a very small volume of
40 meters of micro power amplitude cable transceiver, using 9V battery. This circuit is most early by the foreign design, frequency stability,
Q: communication distance can be far?
A: shortwave communication distance depends largely on the selection of antenna, and the use of small power station must choose good weather conditions, many expert using the classic radio had combined score hundreds of kilometers. The radio station through the detection apparatus, device purchase large quantities so can guarantee authentic, key devices also after sampling, the output power of a true good. So as long as the antenna resonant your good, will have good communication distance.
Q: beginners should start from where?
A: the first step: the correct welding welding finished. Second steps: listening, practice to understand the code, the third step: the practice of generating code technology, his fourth step: make the antenna, the best conditions to buy two sets of spontaneous self admission test, the fifth step: and the world unicom.
Q: telegraph machine can talk?
The A:CW transceiver can't talk, only support SSB or FM modulation. The machine can intercom transceiver can only use the key and the earphone receiving message.
Q: suite of difficult assembly?
A: a necessary premise is can recognize the device, welding, induction machine without debugging, as long as careful according to kit instructions assembly can be successful. If the new discovery of welding error condition, built the first not to handle, please contact customer service, can obtain the corresponding technical guidance.
The receiving effect is good, the code readability is strong, is the most primary radio enthusiasts entry! 
Technical parameters
Power: 9V-14V DC
Antenna: 50 ohms, unbalanced
Receiving the static current: 10mA 9V
Power: 0.1W 9V, 0.2W 12V
Frequency range: launch 7.023MHz, receiving 7.023-7.026MHz (7.023MHz crystal)

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