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Kategori: Adaptor Switching

DC-DC 3-Digit Voltage Regulated Power Supply Module w/ Voltage Meter

LM2596 DC-DC 3-Digit Voltage Regulated Power Supply Module w/ Voltage Meter


Note input voltage range :4.5-28V: 28V to limit maximum voltage, some aggressive otherwise damage
Output voltage range: 1.3V-25V (step-down mode, the input must be greater than the output 2V)
Output Current: continuous 1.5A output output power: 15W
Ripple frequency: peak to peak ripple: 100mV at 150 Khz, so around
Size: 62mm * 26mm * 14mm Weight: 20 g /
Voltmeter accuracy: ± (5 +1 words)
Static power consumption: Typical 20ma (with the output voltage of the input voltage and the digital tube color is closely related to the actual current deviation)
IN +: input cathode IN-: Input Negative OUT +: output cathode OUT-: output negative


1: input and output voltage can be displayed alternately.
2: boot status can be freely defined.
3: With the key off function, reduce power consumption.
4: ON/0FF output work state, high representative Close output, low-level representatives to open output. Note: high (3.3V) the highest output 5ma current.

Work mode description:

Output voltage mode: boot display **. * LED indicator turns off the default output voltage mode
Input voltage mode: press the switch again to switch to the input voltage mode **. * LED indicator lights
Alternating pattern: once again press the switch input / output voltage alternating 3S turns display data (pressed again to return to the output voltage display mode)


Switch Mode:

0 represents the default the boot display output voltage
1 represents the default boot display input voltage
2 represents the default boot display input and output voltage alternating display

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