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Kategori: DDS , SDR , PLL , HAM Radio

ADE-1 + ADE-1+ Mixer +7dBm

produk sejenis ADE-1-24:


Brand: Mini-Circuits
Product Code: ADE-1+

Mini-Circuits ADE-1 +7dBm 0.5 to 500MHz Frequency Mixers. These are ideal for new projects, and have a conversion loss of less than 6dB, and good L-R isolation.

Please refer to the Part number description for the basic specifications.

For further information please see the ADE-1 Data sheet.


Aplication note ADE-1 for HF converter  SDR:




referency link:


produk sejenis:

SBL-1 new

SBL-1 Double Balanced +7 dBm RF mixer - USED (Desoldered)


ADE-1-24  USED (Desoldered)


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